"Patti Ragone is a true artist.  By that I mean she sees and experiences the world with an artist's eye and then translates that world view into delightful concrete works.  


Her paintings range from whimsical to thought-provoking and serious.  Her illustrations are always appropriate to the storylines.  She is a joy to work with as a writer.  I am always proud to collaborate with Patti and even more proud to call her a friend."    jeanne cohen

"OMG, I love him.  Just received the Chick Magnet and he’s more gorgeous in person.  Such a smile, thank you so much.  It’s funny, what goes around comes around and now I have a piece of your art in my home. So fitting. I will definitely show him to all my friends and direct them to your website.  Have a wonderful weekend. You just made mine wonderful. " xoxoxoxo  Joni Palmer, Baltimore, MD

Joni was the winner of Name That Rooster Contest posted on Facebook with her entry of Chick Magnet.

"One of our favorite pieces of art! Patricia's art is always a favorite of ours in any setting. We always find her art to be compelling and beautiful!"

Dave and Margo Deeds, Sandpoint, Idaho 

Early Morning Departure, watercolor, was donated to a local charity for silent auction.

Dave and Margo won the auction.