• Patricia Ragone

Time to Pay the Piper

I am so lucky to have a space where I can crank up the music, create, get loose and become totally immersed...and then just walk away from the mess...until it has to be cleaned up. Holy moly! What a dump! The weather, today,

is not conducive to doing much outdoors. It's chilly, which is good for weeding, planting, spreading bark and such stuff, but it's wet and still spitting, so I suppose I have no choice, but to tackle my studio. Oh where to begin? There are so MANY choices it's a dilemma as to which one to begin.

Another task complete. Ron and I cut a dead birch to support a birdhouse that he thought had blown down during a storm...actually, I suspect it might have had a little help from him and his tractor...nevertheless, it's back up with a freshly painted "studio" sign attached Thank you, Love Buckets.

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