• Patricia Ragone


Get your 2018 calendars early!! You KNOW there will be gift exchanges, remembering teachers, post-persons and many others you'll want to give something special to for Christmas/Hanukkah. So why not get several 2018 calendars to have on hand for that unexpected gift opportunity.

Logon to my website, go to contact and leave your order.

2018 Chicken and Rooster Calendar $15.00ea, $20.00/2, $30.00/3...

$15.00 each including handling and postage

$20.00 for two including handling and postage

$30.00 for three including handling and postage

The adjacent image is a solid reproduction of the finished calendar with one exception. Across the bottom will read "I want to live in a world where a chicken can cross the road without its motives being questioned."

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