• Patricia Ragone


“The task of art, is to transform whatever happens to us into symbols, to transform it into music, to transform it into something that may last in the memory of men. As artists, that is our duty. We must comply with it. Or else we’d feel very unhappy. . . in the case of the writer, or in the case of every artist, we have the duty, for the most part, happy duty, of transforming everything into symbols. Those symbols can be colors, shapes, sounds. In the case of the poet, they are sounds but also words. Also fables, tales, poems. What I mean is that the work of the poet is endless. It’s not about working from one hour to another. You are constantly receiving something from the outer world. It all has to be transformed; it eventually has to be changed. And in any moment a revelation may come. That is to say, that the poet never rests. He is working constantly, when he dreams too..." Jorge Luis Borges

Zhen's turtle - SOLD 22"x32" watercolor on Arches 140lb cold press.

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