• Patricia Ragone

Gotta get back to painting

I got a little side-tracked after our trip to Reno to see grandson, Tino, graduate from University of Nevada, Reno. Already received a thank you note from him...what a good kid everyone has raised.

Ron's having an MRI tomorrow. He fell on the back steps breaking his fall with his left hand jamming his shoulder royally. If the MRI shows a rotary cuff tear that means surgery and PT. If no tear, just PT. Cross your fingers it's the latter. Don't know when I'll get back to my studio...I miss being there.

The picture is of my BFF, Shelley, and I at Art in the Park, Boulder City, NV I painted the piece that landed me the honor of Featured Artist for Shelley after she whipped breast cancer's butt!! Hence the pink tennies.

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